"In 90 Days You Can Get As Many New Clients as You Could Possibly Serve-- Without Ever Spending a Penny on Advertising!"

Four Facts Consultants Must Face:

  1. Finding Prospects and Cultivating Relationships with them are the keys to growing your consulting practice.
  2. Traditional prospecting methods are time-wasting and dwindling in effectiveness.
  3. The internet is THE largest source of connections you could ever find and allows you to target your marketing toward qualified prospects.
  4. New internet technologies like "Web 2.0", "Social Media" and "Search Engine Marketing" are effective ways of relationships and using them to Grow Your Business or the Business of Your Clients...

    A healthy consulting practice must use the power of Internet (including Web 2.0, Social Media Marketing and Search Engine Marketing) to build and maintain a client base to sustain its own profitability.

    Using these online tools to market your consultancy, you can
    Say Goodbye to Overpriced Advertising, Cold Calling and Unpaid Bills Forever.

    Here's Your Invitation to ...

    "Your Social Media and Search Engine Marketing Workshop" -
    An Introduction to Using Online Social Media to Improve Your Search Engine Marketing Placement and to Grow Your Consulting Practice and the Businesses of your Clients"

    Phil Cullum Hi. My name is Phil Cullum. I am the president of The Executive Consultants, a consulting firm advising other consultants. I've been marketing my business online successfully for several years.

    You know the old commercial, "You can learn a lot from a dummy!"?  Well, that's nothing compared with what you can learn from an expert! 

    For my own practice, I searched the world for the best marketing experts to assist me to improve my marketing.

    Two of my favorite colleagues and mentors Gina Gaudio-Graves ("The JV Queen") and Dr. Ron Capps (the "NicheProf").

    Gina is the Founder and Dean of Directions University and TheJVUniversity.com.

    Dr. Ron Capps is Adjunct Professor at Missouri Western State University and the creator of The "Economy of Action Guide" to Social Media Marketing, as well as the Founder of "The School of Social Marketing".

    Dr. Ron Capps, the Niche Prof

     Ron Capps
    "The Niche Prof"

    Gina Gaudio-Graves

    Gina Gaudio-Graves
    "The JV Queen"

    Gina and Ron are two of the best marketers I know  (They've both helped hundreds of clients over the years to increase their business by millions using the power of the internet)--

    They also are truly "teachers".  They have a knack for breaking down their  extensive knowledge and putting it into an easily understood, step-by-step format that makes it simple for anyone to grasp and apply!

    What can you learn from Ron and Gina?

    Here's one marketing insight for my own consultancy I learned from them.

    Every business, consulting firm and non-profit should have a presence on the internet. And that presence needs to be attracting clients in a market that they can serve, not drawing some phantom Internet user thousands of miles away who is not a realistic prospect for the firm.  

    Why is it so essential that you have an internet presence that is targetted?

    Gina showed me a recent survey that answered this question easily.  The numbers say it much better than I ever could ...

    Notice what you're seeing here...

    There are 252,908,000 internet users in North America and approximately 228,000,000 in the United States alone.  While that is an impressive number of people, we shouldn't let it distract us. The real question is how many of those people are active in your target market and how to connect with these relative few on the Internet!

    For example, if your consultancy is targeting businesses in the Macon, Georgia area, The U.S. Bureau of Census indicated that the 2008 population of the combined Metropolitan Statistical Area of Macon, Warner Robins, Fort Valley is 352,912 with Macon proper having a population of 92,775.  Your consultancy is most productive when you ignore the millions of internet users in the US and the 1.6 billion around the world and focus on those businesses within the Macon, GA market instead of fantasizing about 1.6 billion world-wide internet users as potential customers ?

    The point is that the value of an internet presence lies in connecting with the businesses you can have a real "conversation" with and thus serve, in either your geographical region or, for a few, your "cyber-niche"!

    Furthermore, you need to find where these potential clients are already "hanging out" so that you can introduce them to your firm and services that you can provide.

    Using the internet instead of more traditional offline marketing methods such as billboard advertising, newspaper advertising, direct mail, televisions ads, radio ads, Yellow Pages ads, etc. makes your marketing more effective because on the internet you're able to reach a highly targeted market for a MUCH smaller investment!  

    You might say that Internet marketing employs rifle bullets fired at target markets while most offline marketing uses shotgun shells fired at random.

    In fact, it gets even better because most of the time, using the internet to reach new customers is practically FREE! Just a small fee for hosting your website and a fee for your domain name. $100 a year will do it all!

    But it gets better still ...

    Once you've connected with all these new prospects, the internet helps you even more than ANY offline advertising source to actually interact with your prospects.

    "The Internet --and, in particular, social media (blogs, Twitter, Facebook, etc.) on the internet-- let you build relationships with your prospects so they will know you, like you & trust you. As a result, they will buy more readily and you won't have to 'sell' them! " 

    The internet can be a decisive factor in growing your consulting practice.

    Because the internet allows you to truly "connect" with these targeted prospects, have real conversations with them online and build a bond with them, not only do you get more new clients, you're able to increase the potential lifetime value of your existing clients and, in addition, increase the customer base and the sales of the businesses you serve.

    The conversations you have online allow you to develop deeper connections with each potential client.  This allows you to increase the amount you'll make for any one individual prospect or customer.  

    Here's why ...

    In the offline world, in order to get new customers, you have to "sell" them on what you have to offer.  Yet, there aren't many consultants who enjoy having to "sell" people.  

    Unfortunately, if you aren't "selling" customers on what you had to offer, you aren't likely to get many new customers.  So, you don't really have a choice offline-- you either learn to "sell" or you go under!  Not much fun, right?  Not very profitable either!

    But with the internet (and in particular, with social media) all that changes!

    When you effectively use social media, people can find you in search engines, you  connect with folks, start conversations with them and begin to build confidence, trust and relationships-- relationships grounded in people coming to know you, like you and trust you as they discover how you can help them to solve their problems.

    In addition, as your clients experience these unexpected results, they tend to become more loyal and more enthusiastic about doing business with you, too!

    So the internet can

    • Allow you to reach more people

    • Help you build more loyal clients
    • Make sales more effectively for you

      All because the internet harnesses "Relationship Marketing" to build sales by growing relationships. It involves helping your clients and customers solve their problems and in doing, building relationships.

      With this approach, no longer do you need to use cold calling or massive direct mail focused on the "selling" -- just to get people to buy your services.

      No longer do you have to compete with your competition based solely on price, either!  So you can charge more for your services, as well!

      Making this happen in your practice starts by using the internet to locate the businesses who have problems that your services solve and helping them find youOnce you connect with them, you get them to tell you about their problems.

      As you help people solve their problems, they begin to like you and trust you.  As a result, they are likely to favorably act on the recommendations and advice you provide. 

      Of course, as you make these recommendations, you're ultimately leading them to invest in your services!  But instead of having to position your services as the  cheapest option available, you'll be focusing on how your services best solve your their problems!  

      You see, when you show your client prospects how to solve their problems, they will be predisposed to invest in your services to help them to obtain bigger results, better results, or faster results.  And they'll rely upon your services as long as you continue to provide them value and quality.

      These are services you already provide and have been attempting to "sell" previously!  

      By starting with a relationship built through the internet's social media -- instead of just having a prospect see an ad in a newspaper or magazine -- these businesses already know you, like you and  trust you and are much more likely to follow your lead and recommendations.

      It's THAT simple!

      Sound too good to be true?

      Here's an case history of someone (not necessarily typical) that illustrates just how big the results can be when you use the internet to grow your business...

      Hi Gina -

      I just had to say "THANK YOU!" for helping me to start using the internet to grow my business!  When I first signed up for your "Blog Systems Workshop" a few months ago, I had no mailing list that I could use to advertise my business.  I had very little traffic coming to my website.

      But, in just 60 days after setting up my blog and applying everything you taught me, I had a new double-opt in subscriber list of more than 22,000 prospects!

      And, I also had 3 articles on my new blog that were each pulling in between 400 and 600 visitors each day!  Each month, I averaged more than 35,000 visitors to my site -- all because of your blogging systems!  (Now that it's 6 months later, I'm getting well over 75,000 visitors per month from this system!  All I can say is "WOW"!)

      The best part was that none of this cost me a single penny!  Every visitor came in because of the FREE strategies that you taught me -- without ever needing to use ANY paid advertising at all!

      Even if I only made the industry average of $1 per subscriber per month, I'd be thrilled since that would mean more than $22,000 per month (or more than $264,000 per year!  But in fact, I'm making MUCH more than that already!

      I'll be using your blogging system for EVERYTHING I do from here on out!

      Cory Schopp

      Now, can you see just how using the internet can impact your practice and your clients' businesses?

      I can probably just stop right here and say "You've got to start using the internet and relationship marketing. If you do, you'll immediately start getting more customers and making more money in your business!  We'll show you exactly how to do that when you join us for 'Your Social and Search Engine Marketing Workshop' ". 

      If you have seen enough and know this is what your practice needs, all you need to do is click this button to "Reserve Your Seat" in the workshop. If you need more details, just keep reading.

      Make payments with PayPal - it is fast, free and secure!

      We've only touched a few the basics of the real power of the internet.  Before you leave this page, I really want you to have a better understanding of how the internet's social media can both increase your profits and slash your expenses.  

      At the workshop, you'll get a MUCH clearer picture of how the using the latest features of the internet can grow your consulting practice, and you'll get our personal help in putting together your internet presence step-by-step.

      But there's no reason to wait to get started-- we plan an advance teleseminar for participants to prepare the ground so that you will get more out of the workshop.

      Stick with me just a moment more so you'll know just what to expect when you attend "Your Social and Search Engine Marketing Workshop" on March 12 through 14, 2010 in Atlanta, GA, and you'll see just how much your consulting practice can  take off right away by discovering how to effectively use the Internet's social dimension to build and strengthen relationships with others!


      Here's the foundation principle of "Social Marketing Online in Recessionary Times" ...

      "The Internet is designed to build relationships.  That's what 'Web 2.0', Social Marketing, Search Engine Marketing and Social Media are all about!  When you use the Internet to reach the right people and build relationships with them, they convert into longterm clients and bring you a longterm stream of sales!"

      Relationship Marketing isn't at all new.  In fact, it's what built businesses back before the days of "urban sprawl" ... back when people did business with people they knew.

      But as communities grew, businesses lost touch with their customers.  Business dealings became cold and impersonal.

      In today's society, though, with the advent of the internet, businesses are getting re-acquainted with their customers.  As the internet grew, the idea of socializing with others online expanded as well.

      In recent months, it has grown into what is called the "Social Media Revolution".  

      Today's internet is marked by highly interactive websites that are referred to as being a part of the "Web 2.0" culture.  

      In case you were wondering, "Web 2.0" simply refers to the style of website that is interactive by design.  Instead of a regular old web page that has the website owner talking AT  the visitor in a one-way conversation, a Web 2.0 site has the website owner talking WITH the visitors in a conversation.  In the best of these Web 2.0 sites, website visitors can even talk with other visitors as well!

      This is the case with blogs, for example. When visitors respond to the blogger with their own comments, the comments are read by the blogger and by other visitors, too.  In many cases, by the way, the blogger is also a merchant who has a brick-and-mortar business much as you and your clients do.

      Here's the thing -- on today's internet, Web 2.0 sites get more traffic than any others!  
      And, people visiting social sites tend to stay longer, interact more, and take more action as well. Consequently, many businesses and professionals are modifying their websites to add interactivity.

      In some cases, new websites have been designed from ground up as hubs of community interaction and have opened their doors to anyone who wants to build a "following" or a group. Sites like Wordpress.com, Facebook.com, Twitter.com, MySpace.com, YouTube.com, and others are well-known examples of this trend.  

      One of the most prominent ways to assure that your services are the ones selected by your prospects is "Search Engine Marketing," which is simply making sure your potential clients find your consultancy when they search in Google, Yahoo or Bing. Effective use of social media is the best way to do search engine marketing.

      You see, what all this really means is that today's internet is about two things, really...

      • Building relationships - Social Media Marketing refers to the art of marketing to people through online communities of like-minded people online.  You use these communities to reach prospects as a group.  These are people who have a problem in common. You locate a community where your prospective clients discuss their problems and then participate in the community. (You you can't find one, we can show you how to start one.)   You simply connect with them, get to know them, etc.  Allow your relationship to bring the sale to you without ever having to force a sale or arm-twist a prospect.

       -- AND --

      • Developing "Tribes" - "Tribes" are loyal groups of followers who have a shared interest and who become people who like you, know you, and trust you so much that they will follow whatever recommendation you make.

      Seth Godin popularized the term and showed the way to market to your tribe. Listen to him as he explains the importance of a tribe.

      With today's internet, there is technology that grows vast  networks of people globally who all turn to people they meet in their network (their "tribe") to solve their problems.  

      You need to find out where your prospective clients take part in social hubs and reach out to help them solve their problems. You will find that you attract more clients than you ever could offline. To a degree, you will end up a leader of a tribe, and that is a good role to have!

      As a business consultant, you need to learn to serve as the leader of "tribal" councils and show your clients and potential clients how to effectively harness these evolving technologies-- for their benefit and ultimately your own.

      As you reach them and help them, the prospects become loyal "Evangelists" -- people who rave about the business owner who helped to solve their problems.  They tell their colleagues about their experience and they, too, then connect with you to get help in solving their own problems!

      With your guidance, they receive a lot more exposure for their business. And, by the way, these same principles apply to your own consultancy, too.

      Here is an example of how this works so you can better see how to go about creating Tribes and Evangelists for your clients online ...

      Blogging 101:

      An accounting firm created a website a few months back.  It's an informational website, telling people who they are, what services they provide, where they're located, etc. But it hasn't brought them any new business. And no clients say they that they found them online.  They haven't seen any more retainers brought in either.

      Was it worth the $5,000 that they invested in the site?


      How can they turn their website into a social marketing tool that can help attract new clients and keep them?


      Their marketing consultant suggests that they change the style of website.  Instead of simply using static HTML pages (that's the type of page used in a regular website), they want to add a "Blog"* to their web presence.

      Here's what a Blog may look like

      Here's what a Regular Website looks like

      *BACKGROUND NOTEI don't want to overwhelm you with jargon, but let me explain a little bit more about how Blog operates so that you can better understand how you can use it...

      A blog (short for "web log") is a website that uses software that creates multiple short articles that are accumulated and displayed. At the bottom of each article, readers can leave comments, allowing them to interact with one another and with the business.

      In a blog used for promoting a business, each article is written essentially to help the reader solve a problem.  These are intended to be practical, to help the reader better understand the problems that they have and how to solve them.

      At the end of each article, it offers a way for the reader to get bigger results, better results, or faster results in overcoming their problem by using the author's services or products. 


      When you attend "Your Social Media and Search Engine Marketing Workshop", you'll leave the event on Sunday, March 14th, with your blog up online!  

      It will have your company name on it.  It will have all the details of where you're located, what you offer, etc.  And, your blog will already be indexed by the search engines including Google, Bing and Yahoo!  

      It's quite possible that before you even leave the Workshop, you'll have real prospects -- and possibly even new clients! -- having found your new blog!  It's all included with your tuition for the Workshop!  

      (And don't worry -- before you leave, you'll know exactly how to maintain your blog to continue bringing in customers.)

      SOLUTION (cont'd):

      Once the accountant's team has the blog running, they will need to start adding articles to it.  You don't need to be a good writer to maintain a blog, though.  You simply need to write about things you're already an expert at.

      An article (called a "post") might be titled "How Can a Small Business Save Money on Taxes and Simplify its Bookkeeping Process?"  

      Notice that this article focuses on a problem that a potential customer has.  It may share a story of a small business that's been spending a fortune in taxes and wasting lots of time trying to organize all their records and receipts.

      The article would go on to explain a system for keeping records more easily that would also help the business to save money on taxes.  In the process, it demonstrates the accountant's expertise!

      At the very end of the article, there's a link for registering for an accounting service that does the exact same thing.  That way the prospect could save time by not having to do it himself and could save money by getting advice from the accountant.

      See how natural that feels?  For an accountant, it is actually fun to talk to people about these things!  They already know this stuff anyway. It's the kind of thing they talk about all day long.

      Did you see where the money came in?  The accountant didn't have to create a new product to make money from her blog.  She simply used the blog as a vehicle for getting new clients for her existing services.

      The thing is, though, money only comes in for the accounting practice when people actually read the new blog post.  That means they're going to need prospects to actually visit the blog.  Why and how does that happen?

      Well, one way is search engine indexing; another is article syndication. Once the article is posted on the blog, the blog (unlike a regular website) is "indexed" by the search engines (added to the earch engine records of what is on the internet.) This happens on autopilot when you have your blog setup properly. On a regular website, it can take 90 days or longer for a site to get indexed at all!)

      Once the site is indexed by the search engines, someone searching for "save money on taxes" in Google, Yahoo or Bing (or a second-tier search engine) sees the article in the search results and visits the website.  What happens after the person reads the article?

      They may just click on the link to register for a consultation on accounting services.


      Ok, so that's just one prospect.  But each article on your blog can bring in HUNDREDS of new prospects. When you regularly produce new quality blog posts, you can get new clients every day!

      The more articles you have on your website, the more listings you'll have on the search engines.  The more listing you have on the search engines, the more traffic will come to your site.  The more traffic you have to your articles, the more people will sign up for your services and buy your products.

      Simple enough?

      "Becoming the Next CNN Using the Power of The Internet"

      To increase your business once you have a blog up that has articles on it, you'll need to get as much traffic as you can to your blog.

      So how can you do that?

      Lots of ways!  To even list them all here, though, would take up dozens of pages. Syndication is one major tool. 

      In general, to get more traffic to your blog, you need your blog's articles to appear on lots of other websites.  That way you get to tap into all of the traffic those other sites already have and you get to use that traffic to read your messages that contain links to YOUR products and services. We'll share the detailed process in the workshop

      For now, just know you need a way to get other websites to include your blog's articles.  Having a blog, not an ordinary website, makes this super simple using what's called an "RSS Feed"  ("RSS" stands for "Really Simple Syndication")

      RSS allows another website to display YOUR article on THEIR site! 

      Every website NEEDS great keyword rich articles in order to get found in the search engines.  The more articles a site has, the higher that site's search engine ranking.  If the site makes money from advertising, they absolutely MUST have more traffic in order to make more money!

      This means that these websites need your quality articles!  When you have great articles that really help people solve their problems, your articles will be picked up by dozens of website owners quickly!

      Let's get back to the Accountant's Blog for a minute ...

      SOLUTION (Part 2):

      Suppose that the CNN Money website happens to come across Accounting blog.  The editor sees the article on "How Can a Small Business Save Money on Taxes and Simplify the Bookkeeping Process?"  

      CNN is looking for good articles to post on their website to get better search engine rankings and more traffic so, besides using this one article, they decide to use the RSS Feed and regularly display blog articles on http://money.CNN.com.

      Immediately, every article shows up on http://money.CNN.com for all of their MILLIONS of visitors to see every day!

      Now, the blog is getting prospects from two different sources -- from the search engines directly, and from CNN's visitors as well!

      Imagine having dozens of websites picking up your articles, displaying them to their visitors!  Millions and millions of people seeing your expertise in every single article!

      Does this apply only to Accountants?

      Heck no!

      ALL consultants-- all businesses, for that matter-- should use blogs and other Social Media tools to find prospects and build relationships with them!

        This includes mom-and-pop stores, dry cleaners, hair dressers, massage therapists, museums, art galleries, orchestras, other non-profits and literally EVERY business that wants MORE PROFITS with LOWER COSTS!

      When you become proficient in marketing through social media, you can open a new revenue stream by using these skills for your clients' businesses.

      Social technology, including blogs, online communities, forums and other new communication tools, provides a way for you to directly reach customers and build a loyal tribe of followers.

      Now, the single thing that many consultants fail to recognize as a critical ingredient in obtaining and retaining clients...verifiability!

      Even the most naive business owner will seek to verify that you can do what you say you can do for their business by seeing if you've successfully done it for your own business first and then for other clients.

      Too many consultants get so focused upon the revenue potential of enabling clients to take their business online that they neglect to do the most fundamental of preliminary work...applying their services to optimize their own online business presence and authority status first! You've got to prepare the ground before you can reap the harvest. Make sure the search engines find your own business; then you can talk to clients about helping them do the same.

      How do you use Social Media effectively in your own business?

      Presenting ...
      "The Social Media and Search Engine Marketing Workshop of 2010"

      Now that you better understand the hidden power of the internet and you have seen just a few of the ways that you can tap into this revenue stream to skyrocket your profits, you're probably wondering about one last question...

      How do I learn to 'walk the walk' so I can credibly 'talk the talk'??

      That's where "Your Social Media and Search Engine Marketing Workshop" comes to your rescue!

      On March 12th through 14th of 2010, join us at The Defoor Centre in Atlanta, Georgia, to get the step-by-step expert guidance you need in key areas of online social media in marketing so that your consulting practice can profit in 2010 and beyond using the power of the internet. 

      In this 3 day LIVE workshop you'll discover:

      • How to set up your blog on your website and use it as the heart of your marketing to create a constant flow of traffic looking for your help.   Using a blog in this way allows you to create a community for your clients, and eventually do the same for your clients' own fans, customers, and clients.

        Your blog will provide a home where your clients and prospects can keep up with your news, learn helpful hints about making their businesses more profitable, interact with you (and with each other), and be exposed to your services and products.  Use your new blog to build connections with prospects as you build your reputation and your staying power.

      • How to use the "Magic Formula for Writing a Powerful Post" to get more traffic from the search engines, skyrocket your subscriber list, and grow your client list..  You don't need any of the expensive "Search Engine Optimization" packages that are overpriced and often ineffective!  All you need is to know is when and where to include your keywords and your blog will jump over your competitors in the search results!

      • How to setup your profile on Twitter, Facebook, Digg, Delicious, Technorati, and Ning to maximize profits and improve relationships with your prospects.  Not only will this help you to get even more traffic to your new blog, it will also expand your reach and maintain "follower intimacy" in ways that will minimize your time and cost, while at the same time avoiding cries of "spam."

      • How to use a simple 6 step process to drive 1,000 to 5,000 unique visitors to your blog every day and add 100 to 500 new subscribers to your mailing list.  Online, we have a saying -- "The Money's In The List!"  Every subscriber added to your blog's opt in list is typically worth $1 or more per month.  If you built a list of 3,000 people each month, this would add an additional $3,000 per month -- more than $36,000 per year!

      • How to locate new followers and attract them to your site.  

      • How to find legitimate potential partners for a complex project and invite them to set up a joint venture with you.

      Concrete, measurable outcomes by the time you finish the Workshop on Sunday night include:


      Having a blog of your own (with at least 3 of your own articles on it) set up on your website, and having it working to establish your brand, build your list, and bring in new clients.

      Having your blog set up to display products and services you currently offer as well as displaying other revenue-building information resources so you can start pulling in qualified prospects as potential customers quickly.  (Many attendees will actually leave the Workshop having set up contacts for potential new sales from their blogs already!  Will YOU be one of them?)

      Having an autoresponder set up and tied to your blog so you can begin building an opt in mailing list of your own that you can promote your products and services to, FREE, anytime you want.

      Having your blog indexed in Google for your primary keyword, your name, and your company name so that prospects can find you easily!  You'll even be found in the "Google Local Search" and "Google Maps" systems.  That way prospects using PDA's, Blackberry's, iPhones, and Androids will be able to find you while they're out-and-about during their day.

      Bringing in 10 to 20 unique visitors to your blog so that you immediately start getting results -- even before you leave this Workshop!

      Setting up Profiles on dozens of Social websites including Facebook, Twitter, Ning, and others so that your prospects can find you, get to know you, and connect with you to talk about their problems

      Getting 50 to 100 followers on Twitter so you'll have a small tribe that you can interact with daily to get them to visit your website and subscribe to your newsletter list

      Acquiring 50 to 100 friends on Facebook so you can help them to solve their problems and get them to see you as an expert

      Joining at least 3 Social Networks on the Ning Network (including our Social Media Marketing Council) so that you can position yourself as the "Go-To Expert" in places where your prospects are already hanging out.
      By the way, most people at the workshop need legal consulting, financial consulting, or other business consulting. Get to know them; they could be your next client.

      Getting 1 to 5 new subscribers to your RSS feed and/or autoresponder each day so that you'll actually have experience in talking to your audience before you ever get home from the Workshop!

      "This workshop is what I need. 
      I'm ready to register for My Social Media and Search Engine Marketing Workshop

      When you Reserve Your Seat for "Your Social Media and Search Engine Marketing Workshop"  it includes access to Gina and Ron and me in your corner, cheering you on and SHOWING you the ropes. You'll find that it's step-by-step easy to apply all this "stuff" to your business.

      Led by experienced mentors who are caring coaches, the Workshop will introduce you to new media technologies that can make sure your message reaches those who need to hear it. You will be led step-by-step to put these new media to work to build your own brand, as an individual or a company.

      At the Workshop, your online marketing strategy will be guided by people who have been studying what works for years and who have discovered both the superhighways to success and the blind alleys that lead nowhere.

      Your experienced mentors will introduce new media tools that can carry your mission to success if applied correctly by establishing your Credibility and Building your Brand through:

      • Blogging

      • Social Networking using Facebook, MySpace, Twitter and other popular sites.

      • Building and managing an online fan/client/patron group with peer discussions supported by central help and communication.

      An expert in each of these areas will clearly explain why the tool or system will benefit your business and show you how to apply it in your real life business situation. You will get solid, actionable information. Then, step by step, you will implement what you have learned as these expert mentors guide you.

      Each of the topics will be thoroughly explored in a three hour session. You will leave the workshop with a successful implementation of the social marketing tools and processes that will enhance your own business success and that will enable you to provide the latest support to your clients.

      In each session, you can ask questions and get specific guidance for your unique situation. These implementation sessions will provide you a chance for “hands on” creativity in building a new marketing tool or enhancing your existing tools (your web sites, blogs, etc).

      Your workshop, led by Gina, Ron and me (with a few of our colleagues), guides you through the process of building effective conversations with your clients so you can keep the conversation lively and keep the followers interested.

      Your workshop experience is structured into three Phases.

      1. Preparation

        • Preparation begins with a profile of your consulting practice and its needs. You will receive the profile questionnaire when you sign up for the workshop.

        • Based on this discovery process, you will be provided fully activated accounts at 20 social media meeting places where your clients are likely to already be hanging out. You will discover social features in these sites that will attract followers like a magnet. Your new social home base that we provide will include influential sites like Facebook, Myspace and Twitter so your reputation will grow quickly.

          You will receive homework assignments to prepare you for the rigorous regimen of the convocation phase. You are primed to get the most transforming weekend of your life. If you received nothing more, this preparation justifies the entire conference fee.

      2. Convocation

        • March 12-14, 2010 in beautiful Atlanta, GA, at the DeFoor Centre, you will gather with the other selected participants for intensive work on your social media strategies. Only serious participants (who have completed their preparation) will attend.  Your time will not be wasted with frivolous neighbors.

        • Expert mentors will guide you as you construct blog posts (and side-bar messages), design Facebook and MySpace home pages, and tweet about your marketing message. You will develop an integrated vision of your whole social marketing plan.

        • Critiques, consultations and case studies will be used to assure all the key principles are both absorbed and applied. If you are serious about developing your online skills, you will not be left behind, no matter how new to the online world you are.

          Getting personal attention from experts of this caliber is a rare, even priceless, privilege, one you don't want to miss!

      3. Confirmation

        • Weekly follow-up webinars (four of them) are included in the curriculum to assure you are able to continue your social media development and that you are ready to proceed on your own. You will grow confident of your skill in the critical social technologies.

        • Monthly newsletters with tips and hints for improving your online communication with your followers so you can continue to grow.

        • A discount certificate that can be applied to participation in a future workshop so you can keep up with new innovations as they occur.

      Come to the workshop and advance your practice in ways you never thought possible and at a speed that will surprise you.

      Special Action-Taker Bonus: The first 100 registrants will save $200 and be able to attend for a tuition of only $197 for all 3 days with the additional bonus webinars and training, included.


      Our 100% Guarantee

      We offer you this unbeatable, no-nonsense guarantee:

      Sign up for Your 2010 Social Media and Search Engine Marketing Workshop; take advantage of all the preparation; attend the convocation; participate in the confirmation webinars. If what you learn and apply do not grow your business dramatically in the first three months, we will refund your entire fee.



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